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4 tips for traveling in style

Keeping style while traveling can quickly become a complicated task. Who wouldn’t prefer to wear jogging pants, flip-flops and a big sweatshirt when you have a plane to take? The answer is obvious but who tells you that you are not going to meet your future boss or future wife? Anything can happen and you have to be ready and stylish for any occasion.


In this article, we are going to give you 4 tips to stay classy and chic even when traveling.


1. The type of transport


It is essential to choose a mode of transport that you can count on and be sure that nothing will jeopardize your trip. If you decide to take the car, you could opt for a black sedan type rental car. They are comfortable, safe and very “businessman”. You will not need to refuel every 200km. A Renault Espace style family car or a Smart are not necessarily good choices if you want to be chic.


The same goes for air transportation. Choose a reliable airline you can count on if you have a problem. This means avoid Ryanair and other too low-cost airlines.


2. Your suitcase


Is the suitcase just a simple accessory that just needs to be practical? No, the suitcase somehow reflects the style of the person who pulls or wears it.


A man wearing a super chic suit and tie but pulling his wife’s candy pink suitcase completely breaks the style. If you are a regular traveler or if you want a tough suitcase that will last you 10/15 years, don’t be afraid to invest in a quality Samsonite style suitcase. Their prices are quite high, but they are considered to be the most resistant on the market. Go for a minimalist suitcase that will match all your styles and costumes.


3. The clothes you wear


Of course, the most important thing is the clothes you wear. Again, who doesn’t prefer to jog for a flight lasting several hours? But you don’t know who you might run into. On any occasion, expect everything. You don’t have to wear a tight suit, of course.


However, you could opt for chinos, which are always very comfortable, or suit pants and a shirt without a tight jacket. A pair of navy-blue jeans is also a good compromise. For the top, a polo shirt could also do the trick very well, it remains chic while giving a relaxed side. It is also possible to add some accessories like a steel bracelet or even a leather bracelet.


4. Your personal belongings


Finally, what you do during your trip. It is always a good idea to bring a book with you in case there is a delay. Having a notepad and a pen in your bag is also always helpful. Also, it’s always classier than writing on your laptop and if it ever runs out of battery, your paper and pen will always be there. Of course, a laptop for work, emails or to be creative is essential. Finally, if you’d like to keep your watch safe and secure, make sure to bring a watch case with you.


It is obvious that if you opt for the car, none of these 3 accessories will be useful for you during the trip. A good way to learn passively is to listen to podcasts. If you want to continue your dear bedside book at all costs, download it in audio format on sites such as Audible or Audiolib.