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5 things you must do when you travel to Ibiza

Ibiza is worldwide known as a party getaway, but there are so many things to do in Ibiza besides clubbing. Renting a car in Ibiza is a great idea, driving in Ibiza is a pleasant experience besides public transportation is not very good, and most beaches and other places of interest are relatively far (10 to 60 minutes driving), so renting a car is going to give you the freedom to move around the island. Look for prices here: https://www.autospain.co.uk/en-the-island-ibiza/. You could also rent a scooter or an e-bike, either way it is a good idea to rent a transport because time flies on this island and you would definitively want to make the most out of your trip to Ibiza.


If you want to truly know the city and make the most out of you trip you should start exploring some of the things to do in Ibiza that most tourists never do:

Hike to the top of Sa Talaia

Ibiza also has great landscapes, so you should consider get some fresh air and go for a hike. The tallest point in Ibiza is called Sa Talaia, it is located in Sant Josep. It is just an uphill 2.4 km walk. When you reach the top, your effort would be compensated with an incredible panoramic view of the whole island.

Shop for hidden gems at the hippie markets

Ibiza has a very bohemian style, mostly a reminiscence of the hippie movement from the 60. There are many hippie markets scattered around the city, these markets are very diverse, but most offer high quality crafts from local artisans, clothes, music, live performances and even massages. 

Watch the sunset in San Antonio

Sunsets are simply spectacular in Ibiza. But, one of the better places to watch a sunset is San Antonio beach, this beach is just 10 minutes away from Ibiza, you could pack a light dinner, and make picnic at sunset.

Snorkel or scuba dive in Ibiza’s clear waters

Ibiza has world-class beaches with clear waters, so scuba diving or snorkeling are great plans you should definitively consider when you travel to Ibiza. It is a fascinating experience.

Can Marça Caves

Ibiza also has caves. Cueva Can Marca is a secret cave that was used by smugglers.  It is a good plan to go out and explore Ibiza’s hidden sea caves, you don’t need an equipment to do so, there is a narrow staircase on the side of the cliff.