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At this raw materials supplier, you will find the materials you need

The experts at the Dutch company W.T.C. Products B.V. have a lot of experience as a raw materials supplier. They offer a wide variety of raw materials and are able to ship them worldwide. This is possible because the company is located in Zoeterwoude, right between Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam. One of the raw materials they have to offer is borate. This is a natural material that is found in plants (they need it to grow), but it is also very valuable for us people, for a healthy diet. Almost all plant-derived food contains borate, so you probably consume this material every day. This material is also used in a lot of detergents and in personal care products. You might need it for your products as well. If you would like to order borate, you can order it at this trusted borate supplier and supplier of other raw materials.

Have a look at the different kinds of raw materials

Of course, you can order just borate at this supplier of raw materials. They also offer various other materials. Examples include different kinds of starches (rice starch, potato starch, corn starch), various types of acids, xylitol and wheat fibre. You are almost certain to find the raw materials you need for your work in the industrial or food industry, as this supplier has a large collection of materials to offer. If you are looking for a specific material and can not find it on the list, just get in touch with the company. They will gladly help you find what you need.

Talk to one of the experts from this company

This supplier of raw materials delivers all across the globe. W.T.C. Products sends their products by land within Europe, but also over water or by plane. It doesn’t matter where you are located, you can order what you need from these specialists. Would you like to ask some questions? Just visit their website, there you can find the contact data you need to get in touch with their experienced team.