Charity and sustainability


Many charity organisations strive for sustainability. Yet you can do much more than give the money to a good cause. You can do much more for the environment for yourself by purchasing a Liebherr SBSes 8483 Premium. This helps you to improve the environment. Not only because the equipment consumes less power, but especially because your food stays good longer. The waste mountain is reduced with it and in relation to food distribution there is less to be produced, because more is consumed. So the kilo’s who otherwise go into the garbage heap or the compost bin are now eaten.

Less production

It is a conscious thought of Liebherr to produce less waste than is necessary. The Biofresh principle allows you to keep fresh vegetables and fish well for much longer. If you want to freeze something deep, a short intelligent action of the freezer compartment is needed to make it possible. Imagine going to the market and knowing you’ll be back in half an hour. Then you put the freeze on deep freezing, the temperature goes well below -30 degrees. You put your fresh foods in the freezer and freezing is a fact. Once the fresh product is deep frozen, the system will jump back to the normal freezing position.

Less energy

By ensuring that your freezer compartments are properly filled, your freezing chamber needs to work less hard. The frozen mass is so cold that when you open a drawer to pick up or add something, the system is very fast back at temperature. The general rule is when freezing and cooling that you make sure the compartments are at least 75% full. If you apply this, you can save a considerable amount of money annually on your energy consumption and indirectly on the account you get from the energy company.