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Choose this onion supplier as your trustworthy partner

If you are looking for a partner in onion transport to Poland, East Europe Trading B.V. is your trustworthy partner. This is because the company is one of the best-known suppliers of high-quality onions that are grown in the Netherlands. These experts assure fresh and high-quality onions. The onions that they transport to East Europe are being grown and harvested in Zeeland and in the Flevopolder region. Because the onions are from these regions, they have an amazing flavour. The onion supplier is located near the port of Antwerp, which means that they are able to offer fresh onions for low prices.

The large market of Dutch onions

Dutch onions have some very distinctive qualities. The relatively small crops serve around 20% of the world trade. This is remarkable because it the onion market only covers 2% of the worldwide onion harvest by the supplier. The Dutch onion has large market because of its geographical location and the logistics of every supplier. There is a very efficient chain organization in place with regards to the growing process, the production process, and the trading process of a Dutch onion. Therefore, a Dutch onion from this East Europe Trading B.V. is seen as a first-class product that has amazing storage characteristics.

Contact the experts

East Europe Trading B.V. acts as an onion supplier on year-round bases because of their knowledge and experience in the Dutch onion market. They have a lot of experience in transporting Dutch onions to Poland. However, the destination of the onions depends on the season and the local production. In short, because these experts have a lot of experience, they are the perfect partner for the export of onions to Poland. Are you interested in the possibilities? Or would you like to know more about the onion supplier? Do not hesitate to contact them. You will find the contact details on their website. They are eager to tell you more!