Civil right to protect yourself against radiation

Right to radiation protection

Every human being is exposed to unnatural electromagnetic radiation. The question is: ‘How do I get the best EMF protection device?’


The government needs money, especially now that the billions are going out by corona. So you do not have to rely on an allowance from the government for a cause in which she has (had) her hand. The government is auctioning licenses for many billions and that goes into the state coffers. It started with radio frequencies, GSM frequencies, GPRS, UMTS, 3G, 4G and now 5G… And don’t think it stops here, because 6G and 7G are already being developed. And then think of Mr Musk in the room hanging one is. You get high-speed Internet access wherever you want. Bless you., but what does it do with health. Our body gets upset, because it was not designed for such radiation. We do for water veins and earth rays, but we do not go on top of that.



At the moment, there is only one solution that works well and is still environmentally friendly. That is THE STRAS. This appliance works based on the radiation that comes out of it. It is converted into a stream which allows the STRAS to round a field with a diameter of 3 meters. Within this field, the body actually goes back to the time when there was no unnatural radiation. Thus your body is able to recover and arm itself against the unhealthy radiation. If there is no radiation, the STRAS does nothing at all. The unique thing about this device is that it is set to your body. Before and during the first 14 days of use, the device will get to know your body to adapt to your body and protect you in this way. Your body will be thankful to you.