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Crowdfunding campaign video


 There are many marketing strategies, channels and platforms to choose from. What is the most effective strategy for attracting potential supporters to participate in crowdfunding activities? Crowdfunding is not just to build brand awareness or gather followers, but to quickly gain momentum and attract potential supporters. Activities that raised the target by 30% to 50% or more in the first 48 hours raised an average of 47% of funds on Indiegogo. This means that all your pre-launch plans should be focused on the launch day. To achieve your goals within a limited time frame, using a broader outreach strategy is simply not efficient. This is why email is effective: it is an active form of communication that allows you to talk directly to your target audience. On average, people use email longer than tweets or posts because it is considered a more serious form of communication. This gives you time to explain the idea in detail and how supporting it can benefit them.


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Sales program

If you sell your vehicle to another private individual, the procedure depends on the condition of the vehicle. There is a difference between a vehicle that can still drive on public roads and a vehicle that is no longer suitable for this journey.

The information below is limited to the sale of vehicles that can still be driven on public roads.

Technical inspection

If the vehicle is still drivable, you must present it to an inspection center for a technical inspection. For this inspection you must be able to submit the registration certificate of your vehicle. If you no longer have the certificate, you must issue a declaration of loss. You can request this document from the police.

After the inspection, you will receive a registration application form from the control station with a special technical control label. This vignette is valid for two months. The purchaser of your vehicle must submit an application for registration within that two-month period.

No roadworthiness test is required in the following cases:

The buyer of your vehicle is your spouse, your legal partner, your son or daughter and this involves the transfer of European registration plates.

You also want to transfer the registration number and registration certificate to the buyer.

The buyer is himself a garage or vehicle for export. In this case, you can leave the technical control to the buyer and this agreement must be stated on the invoice.

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