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Efficient maintenance with a heated circulating water bath

Do you want to enable rapid heating and cooling of samples by constantly circulating water? Then a heated circulating water bath is the laboratory equipment you need. These systems provide constant temperature water circulation and guarantee an efficient maintenance. They perform over a wide range of temperatures. Do you want to incubate samples at a constant temperature over a longer timeframe? This is also enabled by a heated circulating water bath. PolyScience is an expert and leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. Their solutions are widely known since 1963. Whatever your purpose in temperature control, this company is the perfect partner for your liquid heating needs in your laboratory. Their aim is to develop long term relationships with their customers, manufacturers and employees.

Many different solutions for your laboratory needs

PolyScience offers close to 50 different solutions to your laboratory’s needs. All your projects that require temperature control equipment can use the solutions from this company. Whether this is a simple immersion circulator or an economical open bath system or a heated circulating water bath. Whatever your needs, they offer the solution. The heated circulating water bath is the perfect solution if you use systems that require perfect temperature unity and consistency. Some applications are enzymatic and serologic experiments for example. Their systems are easy to use and low maintenance. The heated circulating water bath is quiet, energy saving, safe to use and intuitive.

Use their excellent service

At PolyScience you can order a heated circulating water bath, but they offer more. The offer excellent services. Are you interested in their systems? Do you want to know more about their company? Then just give them a call. Their specialists are happy to tell you all about the possibilities. Do you have an order over 500 euros? Then they ship it for free!