FIFA 18 refuses to reduce the average of all players in Ultimate Team

Although, FIFA 18 has managed to guarantee success for several months for EA. The football simulator continues to be talked about every week and not only because of its sales results, but also because of controversies, failures and additions.

Speaking of controversy, it was expected that precisely FIFA 18 received multiple changes in the ratings of certain players. However, a week ago EA published that this would not happen. But why did he do it?

EA prefers to get away from the controversy

EA Sports is no stranger to controversy, since a lot of its games have been involved in controversy because of bad graphics, the terrible internet service, the constant reuse of sprites (FIFA Wii, cof, cof); however, the announcement that it would reduce the average of its players present in Ultimate Team was the end for many gamers.

Immediately there was a revolution of fans by Twitter, Facebok and even in specialized videogame media. The pressure was so great that EA chose to stop his decision and throw it away. In fact, last week we shared the first part of this change list, we were going to present the next part this week and we had to retract, since EA also retracted.

We believe that this was an excellent decision by EA. We are happy when a house video game producer is thinking about its final consumer, the gamers. It is better to let the fans decide the direction of the videogames, since finally we are the ones who will buy FIFA 18 and spend our money in their DLC’s.