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Getting a Fluorometer

Before you just go out and get a fluorometer, it might be nice to know exactly what it does. If you do, it is good to know what applications have influence on the research that is done with it. Finally, you want to get the product that actually can be trusted and is relatively easy to use, like the fluorometer that has become the Life Science Product of the Year 2017.

What does a fluorometer do?

The fact that a specific object takes in and emits light of other objects is called fluorescence and this is logically measured by a fluorometer. You might be familiar with a spectrometer, and this kind of goes through the same process, only a fluorometer is also capable of measuring this. The process is quite complicated, but firstly the matter is analysed and recognized, after which it is formed into a sample. After the irrelevant light is filtered out (all but the emission), a detector in the fluorometer measures and forms a basic plan of the molecules that can be found.


Fluorescence behaviour differs when a sample is applied in a certain way.

Behaviour of fluorescence can easily change due to ligand binding and conformational changes of a sample.

Another aspect that has great influence on fluorescence (with chelating dyes) – to be more specific, it increases – is Calcium.

FRET stands for Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer and is an application that has to do with the proximity of two fluorophores. When they are near each other one of the two transports some of its light to the other. This is why these are also named donor and acceptor. After this, the acceptor gets excited and shows the light it has just accepted.

The way that the sample turns out to be like is impacted immensely by the application of it. Therefore, a fluorometer is never easy to use, and even when you have the knowledge, it is essential to follow the instructions specifically.

Life Science Product of the Year

By a panel of acknowledged professionals, a fluorometer has made it to become the Life Science Product of the Year 2017. The spectrophotometer fluorometer is called DeNovix DS-11 FX+. Because a fluorometer has so much advanced technologies that are not understood by many people and this one made it a lot more simple to learn, it was awarded with the title Life Science Product of the Year by miles.