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How to easily communicate handfree in your company

In these strange times, where the coronavirus plays a big part and people have less personal interaction, it is important that your team still keeps communicating. Whether you are a team of referees, you work in a big plant or you need it for other ways of communication with your peers, AXIWI offers a great solution for every problem that has to do with handsfree communication in a sport of work environment.

You can imagine that these environments in which you have to communicatie with each other are not the most quiet ones. Factories and sports pitches can have a lot of people and machinery at work, which makes it hard to understand each other when just shouting over a distance. By using the high end communication equipment of AXIWI you can clearly communicate with your colleagues.

This prevents errors made because of poor communication and you will have less discussion about what needs to be done, as it will be clear in an instant. Because you don’t have to be close to any of them either this will prevent the spreading of diseases like the coronavirus and you will be able to reach your colleagues at any time you need to speak to them.

Now you can keep your distance, even during close coaching sessions or when working together with a team on a machine that is loud and it is hard to understand each other without talking right into each others ears. So try out the AXIWI headsets for all your communication and find a whole new way!