Invest in sustainable interior textiles to help the planet

Invest in sustainable interior textiles to help the planet

Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to redecorate your home or business? Let us introduce you to the professionals of Love Home Fabrics! With their interior textiles, they want to offer beautiful fabrics and grow awareness for sustainability at the same time. With their exclusive Act for Home Textiles, they only include eco-friendly fabrics for all their collections. During manufacturing, these professionals use fewer energy levels, obtain for full-circle water use and the use of water purification stations, don’t use any harmful substances and involve their employees in everything that they do. Their twelve companies worldwide offer interior textiles with a heart for our environment!

Their collection of durable fabrics

Durable fabrics are as important as the eco-friendly production process. The company invests in upcycled and recyclable fabrics with a low impact on our environment. Are you curious about the durable fabrics of their interior textiles? Have a look at the sustainable collections of Love Home Fabrics:

  • Vivalife: performance fabrics made from only upcycled materials
  • Towel2: a towel consisting of up to 50% recycled textile
  • L.E.A.F.: all these interior textiles are made from recycled or upcycled materials
  • Mayan Green: latex foam made from all-natural latex
  • Phoenix: sustainable and eco-friendly interior textiles that can be recycled up to ten times
  • C2C: 100% locally produced cradle-to-cradle towels

But that’s not all there is to say about their organic approach. All of their waste is sorted into 10 categories, to reduce the amount of waste to a bare minimum.

Get in touch with the professionals of the company

Do you want to know which interior textiles would suit you and your lifestyle best? Don’t be afraid to get in touch with Love Home Fabrics’ team. They will tell you everything you need to know. The correct contact information is put on the website. Just give them a call or send them an e-mail to get started.