Laser treatment by specialists at Van Lennep Clinic

Laser treatment by specialists at Van Lennep Clinic

Would you like to be lasered by specialists? Then book an appointment at Van Lennep Kliniek. Our laser and IPL specialists perform the laser treatment in our cosmetic clinics in The Hague and Oegstgeest. The medical laser we use has multiple purposes, from skin rejuvenation to skin improvement for both the face and the body.

Which laser treatments are possible?

The laser used during the treatment has multiple handpieces and settings. Because of this, the laser can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Reducing pigmentation spots with the IPL laser
  • Soothing redness of the skin in rosacea
  • Removal of excess kegs as with rosacea
  • Reduction of scars, e.g. due to acne
  • Skin reinforcement with the IPL laser and Accent laser
  • Tight, rejuvenated skin in the face by the Clearlift laser
  • Less fat accumulation and a tight body thanks to the Accent XL laser
  •  Permanent removal of hair growth by the SHR laser

The laser is skin improving. Treatment with the laser stimulates the epidermis to renew and the dermis to produce new collagen. This results in reduction of fine lines and scars. In addition, the elasticity and volume of the skin improves. After the treatments the skin looks beautiful, young and fresh. The skin is also better hydrated and feels more elastic as a result of the laser treatments.

Skin improvement treatment HydraFacial

Another skin improvement treatment at Van Lennep Clinic is HydraFacial. With this treatment, immediate results are visible. HydraFacial ensures a healthy and clean skin. The treatment consists of three steps and lasts 30 minutes. In step 1 the skin is intensively cleansed by means of a peeling. In step 2, impurities are removed from the pores by suction. The suction is painless. In addition, the skin is nourished and hydrated with moisturizers. In step 3, the skin is saturated with peptides and antioxidants. This protects the skin and creates a healthy glow. You can visit our clinics in The Hague and Oegstgeest for a HydraFacial treatment.