WRJC 2011
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Mental Health Expert Experience

You know that feeling? That you are simply not comfortable in your own skin? That feeling that you are so tired that you can hardly get out of bed? Or that you experience a lot of anxiety symptoms and have a lot of stress throughout the day? Yes, do you recognize that?

Then Nick de Waard, stress expert can help you.

My personal story

I had been walking around with anxiety symptoms for some time. I suffered from daily stress and experienced a lot of panic. It was absolutely no fun to live because it was just hard work every day. I was in a burnout and didn’t know what to do anymore.

Then I came to Nick de Waard and he told me about his Golden Triangle Method. This is a coaching method that has a holistic approach. So you don’t just tackle your stress complaints, but your entire lifestyle. This is an absolute game changer for me as I finally knew what to do. It always seems so easy: just take more rest than you recover from a burnout. But it does not work like that.

Nick de Waard is the expert you need

I dare say: without Nick it would have been a lot more difficult. Because Nick de Waard has years of experience in the field of coaching, he quickly gets to the heart of your problem. A lot became clear after one conversation. We had a free introduction and it immediately became clear to me that I was experiencing way too much stress.

After that we started a 3-month trajectory and I learned so much, for which I am grateful every day. So if you want help and want better mental health: enlist the help of Nick de Waard. I’m sure he can help you with your problems.