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Performing a pesticide analysis of fruit

Performing a pesticide analysis of fruit is a very important part of the production and sales process of food products. There is a reason why the regulations concerning pesticide use are so strict. It is your job as a retailer to guarantee your customers the safety of your food products. Many a supermarket has been in trouble because they sold products that did not fully comply with the rules and consequently damaged the health of the consumers. These are, of course, avoidable cases. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you have an analysis carried out. Keep reading to find out which specialist we usually recommend.

Have a lab carry out your pesticide analysis of fruit for the best results

It is very important that you use an appropriate lab for the pesticide analysis of fruit. Preferably a lab that has the necessary certificates. Those certificates give much more legitimacy to the results of the analyses. We therefore advise you to choose Primoris. They will help you with the analysis of food products such as fruit and vegetables, but also with reliable analyses of more complex matrices such as food additives, supplements, oil containing seeds and vegetable oils, essential oils and spices.

Trust the results of the tests

For the best possible cooperation with the Primoris lab, we recommend to always work in close consultation. This allows you to clearly indicate why exactly you want to have the pesticide analysis of fruit carried out. The sector in which you will use or sell the food plays a role in the legislation. An important additional reason why we recommend Primoris, is their up-to-date knowledge of all these legislations. If you have your tests carried out by a company that does not have up-to-date knowledge of the updates, you could be working with incorrect values. It goes without saying that you must avoid this at all costs. Therefore, you should contact the reliable specialists of Primoris for a good pesticide analysis.