Rainwater can be used for irrigation purposes

Rainwater can be used for irrigation purposes

Rainwater can be used for plenty things. If you want to use rainwater it can be helpful to buy a water pump. Three different kinds of water pumps can be differentiated. The pump that is best suitable for using rainwater is the garden irrigation pump. What is an irrigation pump? It is a pump that is self-priming. This means that they are placed outside of the water itself and use an electrical engine that propells the suction. This kind of water pump is specially develloped for groundwater. But you could use it with all sorts of water; from tap water to ground water and pond of ditch water. The pump uses a hose in order to suck water.

Within the pump’s housing locates one or multiple impellers. An impeller is a lot like a rotor blade (propeller) and they exert a suction by quickly spinning around. The impeller can be quite forcefull. The pumps could suck up water at a depth of 8 metres. Usually the more impellers the more power you have. A lot of water pumps are basically of the self-priming kind. Pumps like the booster pump and rainwater harvesting pump all are self-priming. Self-priming pumps are generally the most powerfull. 

Hasvesting rainwater might seem a new concept but it’s not. This concept goes back a while;
for thousands of years people all over the world have been collecting rainwater. Only the
technique that the people apply to it has changed. The technology has changed so much and
applications are various. Things like: providing drinking water, irrigation and non-potable
uses are all in use today.

Where does the interest in collecting rainwater come from? This is mainly because cities
have sprung up, wells have been dug and water supplies established. At the same time when
springs have dried up and rivers have been more pulluted. Furthermore; urbanisation and
climate change have made it more difficult for the rainwater to infiltrate into the ground.