The working of a workplace consultancy

The working of a workplace consultancy

The Scottish workplace consultancy Amos Beech are a team of highly motivated and skilled people who are dedicated to making their clients spaces the very best they can be.  Every project is unique and that is how they approach each one too. Understanding customers businesses underlies everything they do. Without this they cannot realistically claim to have made clients space work the best way for them.


And things change, rapidly. Where we are today in terms of technology and communication compared to just 5 years ago is incredible. Where we will be in just 2 years from now is almost unbelievable.


Amos Beech are there to assist their clients in preparing for these changes. By designing in flexibility and expansion as well as flexible and multi-use space opportunities, spaces will be able to adapt and change along with the business requirements.

Workplace Consultancy

Attracting and retaining the very best staff is crucial to the sustainability of any business and none more so in high tech industry such as many of Amos Beech customers. In todays highly connected society, factors other than salary, holiday and gym memberships are not the only factors that help people make the decision to join a company. They are looking for a workspace that reflects their own personality. A workplace consultancy like Amos Beech in Scotland will help businesses to identify what these touch points are and integrate them into an interior design.



So how is the approach to the design?


They will take the time to understand and get to know the company. The workplace consultancy will spent time with the management team and listen to them and hear the pain points. They will appreciate that there is competition in Scotland for the best candidates for positions in businesses similar to their client’s own and they know that they are looking for a competitive advantage.


Here is a snapshot out of a typical tender document:


The new premises provide the springboard for this to happen and we have interrogated the brand guidelines to better understand the corporate vision and how this can be interpreted into a built environment.


Using a vibrant and metallic colour palette in conjunction with subtle corporate overtones a comfortable mix of quality, technology and energy is achieved.


The entrance to the space creates a sense of intrigue, inviting the visitor to discover what lies beyond the opening.  And then it all opens out, the large atrium allowing natural light to flood the central office space and providing an open aspect to the lab areas. Wherever you are working, natural daylight permeates the space and creates an ambience that reflects the use of light in the technology you are working with and developing.


The main boardroom adds the sense of occasion and provides the right environment for welcoming global clients and showcasing your work.


From here the space flows into a fusion of break-out and meeting/eating space where staff can match their work patterns to their social interactions.  Smaller meeting rooms and flexible spaces allow for multi-use of the space whilst the acoustic enhancements proposed will make it comfortable for all to work without uncomfortable intrusion from colleagues or equipment.


The opportunity to open the space up for town hall type events will improve communication with the entire team and other use for the larger space may well come to light as staff become more connected with each other in this new environment.



The use of natural daylight and intelligent introduction of Biophilic’s into the working areas allows the innate human interaction with nature to improve productivity and higher levels of personally reported levels of wellbeing. Interestingly, the use of Biophilia also increases creativity levels which would never be out of place in an R&D environment.


Working areas have been addressed in terms of team size, location to labs and darkrooms have been considered and designed accordingly. Along with this, the initial requirement for 120 workstations is illustrated and shows how an extra 30 workstations can be added without altering the design in any way.  Acoustic control in form of suspended rafts give visual impact and colour as well as performing the vital function of absorbing noise and keeping the environment calm and comfortable for all to work in.


All workstations are individually height adjustable which can be achieved using an app from either the user’s PC or smartphone. Task chairs are the Axia chair which ST have been purchasing for 1 off requirements over the past few years and have proven to be exceptional in terms of ergonomics and durability.


Our clients include other similar multi-national and non-uk domiciled firms.


All of these firms have selected Amos Beech as their total service provider based on the complete integration of the entire move process. By bringing all of the design and build disciplines together from project inception we are able to seamlessly transition through the various project stages, quickly and efficiently. By reducing cost layers and external consultants and managing the construction phase from the start we are able to consistently deliver high quality, lasting and environmentally sustainable interiors for our clients.


Design and Build


We believe in the future and ensure that our service extends beyond the handover stage. Support and maintenance agreements for plant and equipment are implemented. The design & construction team are always on hand to provide expertise and alterations as the future takes shape.


And when you decide that your next move is neccessary, we have constructed the interior in such a way that you dilapidations and reinstatements are easily achieved and the building is handed back to the landlord at minimal cost to you.


So your next chapter begins in Falkirk, come with us on the  journey to Edinburgh, we have been working hard and have the desire, tenacity and skillset to make this happen.