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What can I use a double A battery for?

The double A battery is also called a penlite or AA battery. This battery is the standard battery size almost everywhere in the world and is therefore used in many electronic items. The battery has an energy of 1.5V and is perfect for smaller devices that are used infrequently or for short periods of time. This means you get the best out of your batteries when it comes to energy!

Always recycle used batteries in a correct manner

The most commonly used and sold battery in the world can be found in a wide range of devices. These range from remote controls to toy cars and from a hand blender to the alarm clock next to your bed. It might happen that you have to put in a lot of new batteries to make everything work again. You’ll always see – all the batteries run out at the same time. That’s why it’s convenient to order large packs of up to 40 double A batteries at attractive prices from 100%PeakPower. So you always have the double A battery you need in stock. Would you like to recycle the batteries? At your supermarket you can simply drop them off at a return point! The materials will then be used to create new batteries.

Make use of the advantages and place your order online

It is of course useful to always have some double A batteries in stock. At 100%PeakPower they are also aware of this! That is why you not only have the choice of a 4-pack of the double A battery, but also a 20 or 40-pack. The larger the pack, the cheaper the price. Order before 3pm so you get the batteries delivered the next day at home. Orders over £15 will also be shipped free of charge. Take advantage now and place your order.