Your own American Fridge

Buy your American fridge now

This is the perfect moment to buy a Liebherr American fridge, because no interest and you have the most energy friendly device at this moment. The beauty of the idea is that you don’t get interest at the bank and every you see your fridge there is a smile on your face. The design of Liebherr American fridge is so fine compared to the other brands that you will be overwhelmed by the comfort you will experience. 

The design of the Liebherr brand is sophisticated and the used materials are so strong, that you will feel the quality every time you open the door. The door handle is so smart that the door will open by just a slight pull and the door handle will do the rest for you. Also the fact that you can store your vegatables and fish in a way that you can keep it fresh for a longer period. On a yearly base you save money by not throwing away you vegatables and fish, because it fresh and more healthy.

Energy saving

Energy consumption of a Liebherr American fridge is an issue that will be yearly on your electricity bill. With your liebherr you are verry lucky that you have the most energy friendly fridge. In 20 years time you save half the investment you do now compared to other branches. This makes it worthwhile to spend a few pounds extra on a more sophisticated model. The flagship model has an integrated wine fridge for the wine lovers. It has to independent wine compartments with an adjustable temperature to store or serve wines on the prefered temperature. If you don’t want this you have the same appliance but than with more freezing capacity. Or even if you want a black version it excists.