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Zero Energy Buildings

With Zero Energy Buildings together towards energy neutral

The Scottish Government has the objective only to build ‘zero energy’ builddings from 2020 and to have an energy-neutral built environment in 2050. This is in line with the European ambition. Approximately 80% of the buildings in 2050 has already been built. It is therefore important to set ambitious targets especially for the existing built environment. As an intermediate step on the basis of the Energy Agreement all offices should have a minimum energy label of C in 2023 and in 2030 all buildings should have a label a.


The ‘Zero Energy Buildings’ (Zeb’s) is a concept of Amos Beech architects and designers and is a solution for both the new construction industry and existing buildings. Their subsidiary Incognito renewable energy Glasgow plays a central role in the design and supply of renewable energy systems for both the domestic and commercial market.

What is a Zero Energy building?

‘Zero Energy Buildings’ (Zeb’s) are future-proof, healthy buildings that not only save energy but give a decent return on investment as well. Zeb’s contribute to satisfied end users, an extremely low energy bills and a higher value for your property. A Zeb provides an important contribution to a better world for future generations.

The European definition of a Zero Energy building (Zeb) is a building with a very high energy performance,
where the almost zero or very low amount of energy is used from renewable sources, which  is generated on site or near (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive EPBD). At a Zeb the total annual energy use of the buildings are similar to the amount of sustainable energy locally generated. The goal is to minimize the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. There may be non-sustainable energy usage and CO2 emitted, but this is offset by the use of the generated renewable energy.

Smart combination of techniques

Incognito Heat Co Glasgow has as goal with Zeb’s to cut down on user related and building-related energy consumption and to reduce energy costs. We do this by bringing together reliable techniques for energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and energy storage. In six steps, we work together with you to make your real estate sustainable. One of these measures that contributes to lower energy consumtion in Underfloor Heating Glasgow. 

Why invest in a ZEB?

There are three reasons for you as a building owner or as a tenant to invest in a ‘Zero Energy building’, or an energy-neutral building:

  1. New business model: the extra investment delivers a positive business case and a new business model.
  2. Appreciation: through the proper balance between energy and health the building rises in value.
  3. CO2 reduction: a building with an extremely low energy consumption makes an important contribution to the reduction of CO2.

With a Zeb you take your responsibility and make sure that you are ready for the future with a healthy and sustainable building.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact Incognito Heat Co on 01324 630900.