WRJC 2011
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Solids Solutions Delft

The development of specific products listens very closely. The raw materials used, must have the right properties. This applies to the composition of medicines, but also to countless other products. A good efficacy of a product starts with the composition of the smallest particles. At Solids Solutions, we are dedicated to researching and analysing particles and chemical compositions. This gives us the opportunity to make improvements. In addition, we gladly transfer our knowledge and expertise to you by means of courses and seminars. 

Powder segregation

Are you developing a multi-component product? Then it is important for the quality and operation of the product that these components mix well with each other. However, this is not a self-evident process. Certain properties can cause the different particles to separate from each other. This phenomenon is called segregation and has to do with, among other things, the size of the particles. At Solids Solutions we investigate the causes of powder segregation and look for ways to prevent this. Various experiments for this purpose are carried out in our laboratory.

Particle size analysis

Other studies carried out in our laboratory concern the size of droplets and particles. Powders are used to manufacture various products and materials. These powders consist of different particles. For the functionality of the product it is important that these particles have exactly the right size. To determine this, we perform a particle size analysis. The same applies to liquid products. Think for example of pesticides that are used for spraying crops. Too large droplets means too many pesticides and this can have major consequences. That is why we analyse the droplet size of these types of products.