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A children's wish fund to get wishes granted

A child with a critical sickness who has a wish receives hope and encouragement by having something to look forward to as they endure the frightening and uncertain future of their disease. Many children have said that their dream experience was the most memorable moment of their sickness thus far because a child’s wish offers something more than medical help—it grants them magical, mysterious, and exclusive experiences. A wish is the force of belief, imagination, and the courage to confront fears all in one sentence! Wishes give people’s lives new meaning when they’re in a bad situation. They supply light, when there is little left. We need magic wells in fairy tales, myths, and legends to prove their existence because they only exist in such fictitious places. Wishing wells are found in such tales, myths, and legends because, in real life, we don’t have magic wells where you toss a coin, insert your desire, and your wish comes true…yet! Make-A-Wish helps make these dreams come true and you can help them by that.

You can help

Make-A-Wish® is the world’s most prolific wish-making organization. We grant between 15,000 and 18,000 life-altering wishes to critically ill children each year. Every year, we are unable to grant the wishes of as many as children as we would like because we do not have sufficient resources. We would like to grant every eligible child’s desire, but we cannot because we do not have enough resources. Make-A-Wish® accomplishes our mission by recruiting volunteers, donors, and members. If you want to assist one or more children have a incredible experience that will alter their lives, there are lots of ways you can get involved!

You can help a child’s wish come true by becoming a Make-A-Wish wish sponsor. You can support a child’s wish by donating to Make-A-Wish. You can sponsor a wish for a specific child or for a general fund. When you sponsor a wish, you assist the child’s family by covering travel, lodging, and daycare expenses.

What you need to know

A child’s wish is so magical that we can’t even begin to explain it. You must experience it first-hand to truly understand! When you see the elation and cheer on a kid’s face as their desire is fulfilled, you’ll know why it’s so significant to make their dreams come true. Find out more about Make-A-Wish and how you can help the organization make even more children happy.