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A gangway offers a safe access to ship and shore

Do you want to enable personnel and crew a safe access to ship and shore? Then a gangway is what you need. These systems perform safe personnel transfers in sea states. Besides providing access, a gangway also provides an escape route in dangerous situations. Gangways are designed to follow the ships movements due to changing tides which makes it a safety product. It also follows the movements by changing in draft during loading and discharge, when ship’s surge, sway, and heave motions. That way you are always able to enter or leave the ship safely.

A company that designs, produces and delivers modern access gangway systems

At Gangway Solutions they are perfectly able to help you with the ideal gangway system. They not only design, but also produce and deliver these modern systems for your ship. The access systems can be fully automatic in standard execution or tailor-made to meet your personal requirements. At Gangway Solutions they have various options available for you. For example, they can integrate and deliver control cabins, firefighting equipment, access towers, telescopic gangways with self-levelling steps, radiographic remote control systems and electric or hydraulic cranes and many more. But it does not stop there, because they also offer many additional services. Think of:

  • Repair
  • Rebuild
  • Training
  • Retrofits
  • Upgrades
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Transport to final destination
  • Remote monitoring and instructions
  • On-site installation, commissioning, and testing

Discover what they can do for you

Gangway Solutions can help you with everything that has to do with gangways. They offer a total package in addition to designing, engineering, installation, and commissioning installations to relieve the customer. Complete installations can also be tested in their own test facility to ensure the safety of it. Do you want to use their services or would you like to have an access gangway system from this company? Get in touch with them and discover how they can help you.