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Application of preventive maintenance

Are you looking for a way to increase reliability in installations and machines? Do you want to prevent damage in installations or do you want to prevent defects and inconvenience during production? Then preventive maintenance can be the solution. The use of this type of maintenance ensures that you prevent these and other defects and keep production running. Nowadays it is even possible to keep an eye on these types of maintenance schedules via special digital apps. With the EZ-GO app from EZ Factory you can link employee ownership to specific machines.


Preventive maintenance, what is that?


The official meaning of preventive maintenance is as follows: Maintenance that prevents future defects. With this maintenance, a certain type of work is carried out to prevent problems in the future. These activities are carried out proactively, which reduces the chance of failure. By using preventive maintenance you can achieve different goals. For example, preventive maintenance can be used to increase reliability, damage to machines or buildings can be prevented and defects in installations and machines can be quickly resolved.


Apply preventive maintenance


This technique is used in various types of production companies. Usually this is done to clarify a certain problem and solve it where possible. These are usually problems that an owner has been dealing with for a long time. Some examples of this are:


– Outdated instructions for operators

– Paper records are difficult to follow

– Operators are not involved in continuous improvement

– Long downtime


With preventive maintenance, the above aspects are prevented and remedied as much as possible. Every manufacturing company has had one or more of these types of problems at one time or another. This often results in a loss of turnover and therefore customers are disappointed. The application of preventive maintenance ensures that these types of scenarios are prevented.