Are face to face meetings a thing of the past?

Are face to face meetings a thing of the past?

Office meetings can be overpowering at the best of time. Lasting longer than we hoped and sometimes covering topics that really don’t need a meeting. With almost every company having to take a step back from the office and residing at home, has our thoughts changed on meetings and will they still be required as we return to our workplaces?

If an important meeting needs to take place, it’s time to think about the new ways we work and how we can implement these going forward. If we’re not communicating face to face, what alternatives are available?

Online meetings

The online meeting service has seen a significant spike – and that’s not just for meetings. The video call has become popular throughout thousands of households in the UK to keep in touch with family, friends and work colleagues.

Video platforms allow you to communicate with others, whilst in the safety of your own home. To make the meeting as professional as possible, companies have opted for screening backdrops and backgrounds. By adding screening, you can block out your rooms so even if you haven’t tidied…. No one will know!

Telephone meetings

Picking up the phone is probably one of the easier ways to reach out to employees. A quick call and briefing could be all you need to keep everyone updated and informed. The benefits of telephone meetings are they’re quick, effective, and can be one to one.

By having a one to one conversation, it allows individuals to speak more freely and have private and confidential chats.

Email Contact

We’ve all said after coming out of a meeting, that it could have just been an email. So, will this stick? Before jumping on to a video call and gathering the whole team, it’s time to really think about if the meeting is worth the time it takes and if you and your colleagues will benefit from it.

In addition, social distancing within the office will be around for a while. Emailing eliminates the need to wander around the office, thus reducing the amount of people that you come in to contact with.

With more than one method of having a meeting and social distancing being in place, it’s best to stay out of enclosed spaces where possible. Video calls, telephone and email contact are all great ways to keep businesses going and staying connected.