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Back Pain? Buy Back Support At Podobrace.co.uk

Back pain is among the major reasons people make themselves absent from work. Back pains can be very debilitating and uncomfortable. Back pains can be a result of medical conditions, injuries or certain activities. Back pain can affect anyone regardless of their age and for different types of reasons.

The older you get, the higher the chances of developing lower back pains resulting from various factors such as degenerative disk disease and previous occupations. Lower back pains may result from discs between the vertebrae, lower back muscles, pelvic internal organs and ligaments around the spinal cord.

Statistics indicate that millions of people get affected by back pains every year. However, having sufficient support for the spine can be a crucial solution to regulate discomfort and pain. Back supports offer additional support for the spinal cord and reduce discomfort.


How to choose a back support

When choosing back support, you need to know where you want to focus your support. Either upper, middle or lower back. Back supports of certain styles and materials will function better for certain conditions. Back supports can be categorized into flexible, semi-flexible and rigid.


Types of back supports

1. Rigid

These provide you the highest quality of support for the spine as it has rigid panels of the back, sides and front. Some models come with metal bars and hard plastic to provide maximum support. They offer relief by applying firm pressure and relieving pressure from injured structures.


2. Flexible

They offer firm support by using softer materials such as elastic, neoprene, cotton and a combination of both. They are flexible, meaning they provide more freedom of movement and are mostly worn by those who need extra back support.



They combine both flexible and rigid braces. This is done by combining additional stiff or rigid supports. At times, these supports are removable. This makes it possible for one to customize the amount of stability.



Back braces offer stability and support that helps people get rid of their back pain. It’s not an easy task choosing the right back support, for it is important to keep in mind the portion of spine that requires support. Podobrace is the best place that you can get the best back support to help you get rid of your back pain.