WRJC 2011
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Best fitness in Schagen

You know what I like so much? This unique fitness in Schagen alternative. I tried this unique fitness form myself and I loved it! The guidance of Yoga School Alyna is very nice.

The page is in Dutch, so you want to hit that translate button.

You might be thinking: huh? Fitness at a Yoga School? Yes, of course! That is possible, because it is a form where you try different movement styles. The yoga form is also called: Yoga Fit Mix. This yoga form is a unique fitness class in Schagen where you move based on: fitness, animal movements, dance and therefore also yoga.

Why do I like this lesson so much?

It’s a very dynamic class, and it’s really great if you don’t like the gym. I think there’s always such an annoying energy in the gym. I don’t like that. Give me the feeling of freedom. Just move around without anyone looking at you. Delicious isn’t it? Fortunately, it is nice at Yogaschool Alyna and I feel completely at home with this fitness alternative.

How is the lesson going?

Well, first we’ll all sit down and relax. We meditate and we ground. That way we can really enjoy the lesson. The lesson lasts 1.5 hours. So you really have enough time to relax.

Then we go to fitness, or exercise, or yoga. Basically everything. And that’s so much fun! I don’t know of any class as diverse and dynamic as Yoga Fit Mix. Really great fun!

Would you like to try this fitness in Schagen class?

That’s possible, no problem. I think you can request a free trial lesson from Irene, but I’m not sure. In any case, you can contact us. All information can be found on their website. I can definitely recommend that you give it a try!