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Choose for an efficient and cost-effective car import from the USA

A car import from the USA becomes easier than you think with the services of Marlog Car Handling. So when you are looking for your dream car in this country, this company is at your disposal to arrange a complete import process. It is important to make use of the services of an expert in the area of car trading, because in that case you are able to import your car efficiently and cost-effectively. Particularly with respect to arranging import and export documents and safe shipping, an experienced mediator in the car import process is necessary. Discover the possibilities Marlog Car Handling has to offer to make your transaction and transfer from the USA a success.

A carefree import process thanks to a complete service

Many car enthusiasts choose for a car import from the USA. However, importing a car from such a distant destination is not always an easy task. Therefore, it is always a sensible choice to call upon the help of an expert. The specialists of Marlog Car Handling have the expertise to import cars from the USA and lots of other destinations, such as Dubai and Japan. They take import legislations into account and they ensure the right price of the car you want to import from the USA. The most important quality of this company is the complete service: you may count on a full and carefree import process. Moreover, you have the choice to compose your own service, which means that you can also outsource parts of it. For example, arranging the right documents or the shipping services.

Make use of this extensive network

Marlog Car Handling has built an extensive trade network over the years, throughout the entire world. The company has been active since 2000 and always keeps the worldwide car trade developments and changes up to date. Are you interested in a car import from the USA or another country where you have found the car of your dreams? Their specialists are happy to give you the right advice and inform you about the possibilities.