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Different kinds of beads you can use when making jewellery

Beads are very popular to use when making jewellery. Understandable, since the possibilities of beads are endless and beading jewellery looks beautiful. Beads exist in lots of different colours, sizes, shapes and materials. Well-known beads are wooden beads, letter beads and glass pearls. But did you know that there are so many more beads? In this article, I will explain a couple of beads that are less well-known.


Coconut beads

The coconut bead is, as the name says, made from coconut and therefore a natural product. This bead can easily be combined with the famous shell beads or natural stone beads, to get the perfect jewellery for at the beach. If you think that the coconut beads are boring, you are wrong. The coconut bead can be found in lots of different colours and shapes. Mix and match to create your perfect jewellery with these beautiful beads.


Gemstone beads

Do you want to stand out and create beautiful looking jewellery? Make use of gemstone beads and you will create jewellery that looks exclusive and professional. Gemstone beads also exist in different colours, sizes and shapes. By combining different gemstone beads you will get a playful effect. Use elastic threads and add gemstone beads. In no time your perfect jewellery made out of gemstone beads is created.


Bone beads

Are you looking for a tougher look? With bone beads, you can easily create a bracelet or necklace with a tougher appearance. Bone beads have a natural look and are therefore perfect to combine with ceramic-, wooden- or coconut beads. Try to match different shapes together for more texture.


Shamballa beads

Do you have a party planned and are you looking for the perfect sparkly jewellery to wear? Use Shamballa beads and you will shine at the party. Shamballa beads are beads covered with lots of tiny rhinestones that make the beads shiny and sparkly. These beads are perfect for earrings and necklaces but can also be used for a shiny bracelet.

Do you want to make jewellery out of beads? And are you looking for a more unique look? Coconut-, Gemstone-, Bone- and Shamballa beads are perfect beads for jewellery making. The beads can be combined with each other or with more well-known beads. Mix and match as much as you want, to create the perfect jewellery for you!