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Everything is smart, but what does that mean?

These days, everything is smart. From the TV in your home to the phone in your pocket and even the coffee machine at work! It is imaginable that this can get quite confusing for a lot of people, but we will unravel all of the mysteries in relation to these smart products for you in this article. You’ll find out soon enough that you probably already knew what the smart bit is all about, so be sure to read on!  

Connected to the internet

So, what is smart waste management for example? And what is a smart city all about? When things are called smart, it simply means that they are connected to the internet in some way, shape or form, or that the internet is at least involved. It really is as simple as that. This, obviously, does not actually make items or processes smart. However, it opens up a lot of new possibilities and options for both simple and complex things that were previously unimaginable, so you could say it makes them smarter than they were before.

Examples of smart products

A smart city or smart waste management might be a bit too much to start off with, so we will try to give you an example of smart items and what it meant when they became smart. Find it below.

Check your pocket, or you hand. What’s in there? Your smartphone most likely! Chances are that you have one, because most people do! Before their introduction and connection to the internet, mobile phones were just mobile phones. They had a few different functions, but besides the ability to call or send texts, none of them connected you to others or other things. When phones like the iPhone started to appear, this changed. Suddenly you could use the same e-mail system as you did on your computer, browse social media or shop online from the phone in your hand. This way, phones definitely became smarter.

Smart homes and buildings

Now, homes and buildings are starting to become smart too. They are simply next in line. From security systems to light switches and all kinds of utilities and devices, connecting them to the internet makes them easier to monitor, control and use. This opens up a lot of options you’ve probably never heard of, but will probably be totally used to in a few years time!