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Everything you need to repair a leak in an offshore pipeline system

Romacon Petro B.V. offers pipe fit products that are used for making permanent repairs to onshore and offshore pipelines. The rugged and reliable design of the products makes any product in the wide range suitable for a pipeline carrying oil, gas or for example, chemical fluids. They meet the relevant European legislations and are available at competitive prices. Find out more about the wide range of offshore pipeline repair products that are internationally available.

Onshore and offshore pipeline repair products provider

This supplier offers a wide range of fast repair products at competitive prices. The assortment includes high pressure repair clamps for leaks, like an N-needle clamp. This is an important repair product, as this product can be applied quickly to prevent more damages when corrosion pits occur in a steam pipe. These type of pits are caused by a damaged oxide layer, which is actually applied to protect metals such as steel. The needle navigates the tip of the rubber to enter the corroded area. By fastening the plug, the rubber adequately compresses to seal off the leak. This means you do not have to re-lay the entire pipeline when you find a leak as such. Find out more about our high pressure repair clamps for your specific pipe.

Get more information about the wide range of products

Would you like to order high pressure repair clamps for a leak in a pipe or other types of offshore or onshore pipeline products? The team is happy to inform you about the application of the high pressure pipe repair clamps or other products, such as the flange fit or the pipe fit. Find out more about the offshore pipeline repair products in the brochure of this international leading supplier. You can also ask for a quotation by filling in the contact form on romaconpetro.com.