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FIFA 21: Latest News

FIFA 21 and Electronic Arts had a busy week. There were lawsuits, and rumours of lawsuits but also good news. EA has signed a unique partnership with David Beckham, allowing him to become an ambassador for the game for the next three years at least. EA has also made an exciting announcement for the fans, including the release of the next-gen version of the game on December 4. There are also promotions coming to the players during the holiday’s season.

FUTMAS is approaching: as the end of the year approaches, FIFA 21 fans are waiting for the various promotion that will allow them to unlock content for the game. FIFA 21 loading screens have already started teasing the arrival of the FUTMAS event for example. Fans have become used to this event over the last few years and it seems like the event is set to start in the following days. During the event, players will receive gifts every day in the form of cards. There will also be FUTMAS specific squad building challenges and objectives as well as FUTMAS packs.

Anders Vejrgang breaks every record: fans of FIFA have all heard about this 14 years old prodigy. The Danish pro gamer is unbeaten in all his FUT Champions weekend games, which allowed him to reach the amazing record of 210 wins for zero defects. If his winning streak carries over next weekend, he will be the first player to ever reach 240-0 wins in the game. Additionally, young Anders has scored more than 200 goals in only 30 FUT games. He seems so unstoppable that his opponents have started fearing his name. We will keep an eye on him especially during next week’s FUT Champions weekend.

A few tips for FUT team building: FIFA 21 has introduced a new feature to FUT called chemistry. It allows your players to form bonds between themselves, giving them stats bonuses during matches. Many factors influence the chemistry between the players of your team. Their nationality, position on the field for example. However, there is a lesser-known factor called loyalty. A loyal player will build chemistry with his teammates in a faster way. To increase the loyalty of a player you have to play ten games with that player. Also, FUTeamGo’s FUT coins are helpful for the team building.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)