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Industrial tubes for every industry

At Merinox, it is very clear what the main focus is: providing industrial tubes of the highest quality. They are active all over the world, with offices in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands. Thanks to their focus on high quality and solutions for difficult dimensions, their industrial tubes are used in every kind of industry you can imagine. Read along to find out more about their activities.

A tube for every industries’ needs

“The industry” is a very general term, but it is exactly where this expert is active. They have a broad customer bases spread over various specialized industries. They have been active since 1996 and provide safety and reliability for your machinery. A small summary of their various activities:

–        Petrochemical and refining: industrial tubes with a high chemical, pressure and temperature resistance

–        Instrument and measuring: precision tubes for analytical connections and controls in analyzer systems, pyrometry and manometry

–        Oil and gas: instrumentation and hydraulic tubes with alloys specific for very hard environments

–        Food processing and beverages: high quality stainless steel and nickel alloys that adhere to rules surrounding safety, cost, maintenance need and strength

–        Marine and shipbuilding: long lengths coil tubes that don’t need fittings, so maintenance and inspections are simplified, and that withstand the highly corrosive seawater

–        High tech and medical: ultra-high precision stainless steel tubes

–        Power and alternative energy: industrial tubes that withstand corrosive, high pressure environments, as well as a high temperature, such as solar dishes, power plants, geothermal applications

–        Pharmaceutical and biotechnology: surface finish and quality that is adjusted based on specific needs

Learn more about the possibilities

Next to these various industries, they also cooperate with package suppliers, distributors and importers to get their products to the end-customer. Are you active as a supplier, importer or distributor or are you looking for a long-term partner to provide your company with the right tubes? Take a look on this expert’s website, request a quote or contact them to learn more about their products!