Know Everything About The 4 Wings of Naxrammas Necropolis

Know Everything About The 4 Wings of Naxrammas Necropolis

WoW Classic’s new Shadow of the Necropolis update has brought Kel’Thuzad and all his minions back to the experience of this classic version of World of Warcraft, and many players are already tackling this challenge alongside their 40 teammates.

However, to emerge unscathed from this challenge, it is necessary to know the number of bosses that you will face in each of the four wings of the necropolis, so you can plan your strategies together with your team and reach the Upper Necropolis to face Kel ‘Thuzad.

Of course, before telling you everything about the wings of Naxrammas, it is necessary to remember that you will need a good amount of materials to be able to start this mission with the archmage Angela Dosantos, although depending on your reputation in Argent Dawn, these requirements may go down and even disappear.

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An important aspect that must be clarified is that each Wing has different enemies and different mechanics that will completely change each combat, so the strategies must be adjusted to the conditions of each wing and not use only one in the four zones.

So, here is the description of each of the Wings of the Naxrammas Necropolis:


The wing of the abomination is full of nightmare spawns that remain standing thanks to the power of the Scourge and it’s really hard to believe that they were once alive because of how disfigured they become after all.

In this level, a toxic slime runs through that constantly lowers the health of the players, but that will not affect the life bar of the enemies, so it’s the job of the healers to be attentive and give the necessary support to all the warriors at key moments.

Besides, the Abomination Wing is the area of ​​the Necropolis that concentrates the most bosses.


Gluth: This boss is an undead dog of the plague that obeys the orders of its masters to destroy all the living beings that step on Naxrammas.

Grobbulus: A giant of meat that gives off the same slime that bathes the entire area of ​​the Abomination Wing, in addition to having a very strong army of spawn.

Patchwork: Be careful with Patchwork, it is one of the strongest abominations of Naxrammas and has great speed and enormous strength to kill its enemies.

Thaddius: This boss is made from the flesh of innocent beings and lives in the experimental laboratories of Naxrammas.


Wing of the Death Knight.

A horde of soldiers awaits the players in the Military Quarter, where the Lich King recruited a large number of skilled warriors to form a powerful army.


Razuvious: Trainer of the Death Knights and one of the Lich King’s most loyal servants. Lethal with its Runeblade.

Gothik: Master of necromancy who summons the undead at will to destroy all his enemies.

The Four Horsemen: Lady Blameaux, Lord Korth’Azz, Zeliek, and High Lord Mograine.


Plague Wing.

The Plague Slum awaits players with an impressive array of monstrosities that won’t be kind to their visitors at all.


Noth the Pested: This renowned wizard’s lust for power led him to join Kel’Thuzad and use his powers to end innocent lives.

Heigan the Unclean: Creator of boiler magic that corrupted human souls and spread the plague to every corner of Naxrammas fauna and flora.

Loaetheb: This swamp climber releases spores that turn the healing abilities of healers against him.


Spider Wing.

Giant spiders are the hosts of this area and they will not hesitate to use their webs to devour their enemies.

Anub’Rekhan: Minion of the Lich King who guards the doors of the Spider Wing.

Great Widow Faerlina: In charge of the care of the arachnids that lie in this area, in addition to being a master of poisons.

Maexxna: This huge spider creates the majority of spiders that spread throughout the Spider Wing and it will defend them to the death from players.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)