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Madden NFL 21: Franchise Update; How Does It Affect The Game?

With the release of the next-gen consoles, EA seems to have decided to update the franchise mode of Madden NFL 21 at last. This comes as an answer to the controversy about that mode. The development team has considered the community feedback to fix the main issues the fans had with the mode. Let us discover what is new with the new franchise update.

The first major change to Franchise mode is the way the game handles Dev Trait regression. The update will introduce a new setting that will let Commissioners decide the correct value for each Dev Trait in the game. The game will then use that value to decide whether a Dev Trait must regress during the offseason or not. You can turn Dev Trait regression on and off in the menu. The patch has also tuned down Breakout Dev Scenarios to prevent the players from having too much high Dev Traits after a certain time.

The next item on the update notes is the Playoff Bracket. From week 13 of the regular season, a ‘’Things to do’’ option will appear, giving you an overview of the playoff picture at that time and the seeding for the teams that qualified for the playoffs. The playoff bracket will also allow you to monitor the scores during the playoffs. The player card of a player will now display his career stats, complete with the week match up and the result of the game. That should give better visibility to the users.

The update will also introduce X-Factor customization. That new feature will allow the users to change their players’Superstar and Superstar X-Factor abilities as coaches and owners. To add a new ability to a player, that player must reach the minimum requirement for that ability. The retirement system will also benefit from the new update. During the Re-Sign Players week, a “Things to do” option will send you to the transactions screen, giving you an overview of the players currently set for retirement.

As we have seen, the first big franchise update brings major changes to the mode. The developers are already working on the next big update for franchise mode. That update is set for January and should introduce new commissioner controls to the game. You can buy MUT coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)