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Office Edition : How to stop the spread of germs

When you’re working in an office, you’ll know more than anyone that cold and germs will spread quick. You’re working in the same environment as 10’s or 100’s of people, we can only imagine how many germs are in the air and on shared surfaces.

Whilst you can’t beat a cold all the time, there are some precautionary measures you can take to keep the germs at bay and if you do get ill, these tips will help you manage your cold and hopefully get you better in no time.

Clean your workstation

With a keyboard and mouse used every day, it’s essential that you give your desk a clean each day to keep on top of the bacteria and germs. If you’re eating, coughing or even just touching your face, you’ll then be spreading your germs all over the desk and equipment.

Cleaning your desk is always advised if you are hot desking. You need to be aware of the person sat there before you, you never know they could have a cold already.

Using hand sanitiser

A small bottle of hand sanitiser is ideal to take to work and carry around with you. It allows you to disinfect your hands on the go and kill some of the germs you might come in contact with. If you’re working with people and shaking hands, germs and illness can easily be transfer from one to another.

Washing hands

Washing your hands seems like a simple point. It’s not a nice thought but more people than you realise won’t wash their hands after going to the loo, this includes the people you work with.

Which then leads to the germs being carried out of the toilet and on to door handles and shared surfaces.


When it comes to sneezing majority of people will sneeze into their hand to stop the germs spreading a further distance. Using your hand is effective for stopping the distance but not of spreading them as you’ll be passing more germs on through touch.

A tip when sneezing is to sneeze into your inner arm.

Keep your distance

Sometimes easier said than done but keeping your distance (as best as possible) from the colleagues who are ill can go some way to keeping the bug away from you.

We’re coming into that time of year now as it gets colder and coughs and colds are coming out in full force. Use our tips to keep yourself well through until the end of the year, so you can thoroughly enjoy the festive season.