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Order a complete taco shell dinner kit

Are you running a Mexican restaurant or are you, as a private customer, a big fan of everything the Mexican cuisine has to offer? We recommend you check out the extensive product range San Pedro Foods has to offer to both wholesale companies as well as private customers. Here, you can find many unique and high-quality products. Take their healthy taco shell made with spinach, for example, or order a convenient taco shell dinner kit which contains everything you need to make a delicious meal full of flavour. This family business has been around for decades and has specialised itself in both distributing and producing Mexican food items. Therefore, you can count on them to supply you with everything you need.

Diversify your range of Mexican meals with these products

A taco shell that is made with spinach, is a perfect option for anybody who still want to enjoy Mexican food, but in a healthier way. This healthier version of the Mexican classic contains many vegetables, therefore giving this product a better nutritional value than comparable items. Adding to this, the taco shell with spinach contains less calories than normal taco shells. By adding this taco shell with spinach to your dinner kit, you can easily come up with new and original dishes that complement your current selection. Do you need anything else for your wholesale company or restaurant? Count on San Pedro Foods to supply you with anything you need, from tortilla chips to nachos and full dinner kits.

Order your favourite products today

Whether you want to enjoy a healthier taco shell made with spinach or if you want to order a complete dinner kit, San Pedro Foods in Zwaanshoek, the Netherlands is your supplier of the best Mexican food products. Contact their team of experienced specialists today to learn more about their product range and the many options this flexible company provides. Count on them to supply you with everything you need in a timely manner.