Podobrace, your expert in braces / support and medical equipment!

Podobrace, your expert in braces / support and medical equipment!

Braces are devices fitted to an injured limb or another part of the body to provide support. There are various types of braces dependent on the intended function. For example, teeth braces are a set of teeth-attached wires that assist with teeth alignment.

However, Podobrace leaves the teeth to the dentists and focuses on limbs, knee, and neck complaints. The Podobrace product list includes, but is not limited to, foot drop, elbow, back, ankle, clavicle, and Achilles tendon supports.


How to Determine the Right Protection Level for You

Through the use of colour-coded products, you can find the right level of protection for you. Suppose you are looking for basic protection. In that case, the green coloured products are the right choice. For advanced and highest protection levels, then the orange coloured and red coloured products respectively will give you the suitable protection you require.

For guided assistance in better determining the right brace for your injury or discomfort, the product guide on Podobrace.co.uk should offer all the help you may require.


Size Measurement

One of the biggest challenges with online purchases is correctly determining the right size for you. At Podobrace, size selection has been simplified. Each product has an illustration guiding you on how best to measure the suitable size for you. There is also an equivalent size chart for confirmation.

For further clarification, you can contact Podocare directly, and you’ll be assisted accordingly. Plus, what’s even better, the return policies on returning products due to wrong sizing are friendly. Once you replace your order on the website, indicating the right size, it is handled immediately and shipped off to you.

After that, there’s a step-by-step guideline on how to return your wrong-sized item, so no need to worry; you will not lose out either way.