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The benefits of swivel flanges for offshore piping systems

There are many types of flanges, among which swivel flanges. A swivel flange is a product with a combination of a heavy forged welding hub with a rotating forged ring. This makes it possible to have the swivel flange serve as a mating flange to a weld neck or other flange. Thanks to the construction of the flange, swivel flanges are often used in offshore piping systems. They are favoured because they speed up the process of aligning bolt holes during subsea installations. This reduces dive-time.

Where to buy swivel flanges?

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How to request a quotation?

Once you have found all your desired products in the web shop of PipingMarket.eu by using their convenient navigation tool, you can directly request a quotation. To do so, simply add all your required products to your inquiry by clicking ‘add to quote’. When you have added all products, you finish the process by clicking ‘submit quote request’. Now the only thing left to do is wait until you receive your competitive quotation!

Get in touch for special requests

Are you looking for a very specific type of swivel flange? Or do you have another special request in regards to piping products? Then simply get in touch with the people at PipingMarket.eu. They are happy to provide a solution for your specific situation.