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Today’s interior design trends and tips

Interior stylists spend many hours watching home styling blogs, instagram feeds, magazines and showrooms for the latest interior design trends. What is the next trend? What is really out of date? Stylists study it all. Below are the 5 latest interior design trends according to interior stylists.


Green, green, green


Interior stylists expect more and more green tones in the Interior world. It is lively and organic. Especially in small elements such as accessories you will find it, but also increasingly in large elements such as walls or sofas. The Green tint has a great impact on your interior, you get a whole different look & feel. You will see green more often.


More texture in the Interior


Think of folded fabrics, thick wool and woven materials. A woven texture gives your home a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Introduce a mix of many different textures, fabrics and materials in your interior. There are more and more living rooms with simple natural colours where texture elements are the cetral theme. You can see this especially in the materials used but als in art, wall treatments and home lighting.


Organic colours, patterns and prints


Bright dominant colors we see less and less. The current trend is now neutral colors. White, beige, light grey, light brown are the colors of this year. Organic patterns dominate the busy patterns. Prints will have a more worn and vintage look.


More metal finishes and elements


We step off of the shiny copper elements that were popular in 2016. Unlacquered copper is now more appropriate. The trend that we see more and more often are metal finishes and elements. This will give your interior a more stoerdere look. Metal will be introduced in lighting and accessories such as vases, pendants or decorative bowls for the kitchen.


Gray & Bleu remain the trend!



Image: Vincent Hartman


Grey and Blue were already prominent colours in 2017 and this will remain the case this year. You often see light grey with white combined or darker shades in combination with other dark colors in an interior. To cut a long story short, grey and blue suit any home décor. According to interior stylists the colour grey continues to be prominent in the coming period.


An interior should fit you! Everyone has their own style


When you’re in company with other people, just take a monent and look around. You see that every human being is unique. Sometimes it happens that two people wear the same garment, but still the appearance will differ greatly. This is due to a matching scarf, the shoes that are worn or just by the look that a person has. It is the same with a home. Two houses can be decorated in country style, yet you always discover many differences. A home should fit you. It is important that people can be themselves in their own home. The interior design and style that you choose are of great importance. Perhaps it is quite clear to you what you love and you know exactly what colours, furniture and accessories you may need. If you still hesitate and wondering yourself what you really like or what suits you, you can always contact your home stylist of Interior Design Stirling. 


Modern interior


A modern interior is characterised by tight shapes and minimalism. Usually basic colors like white, brown, black and gray are used. In addition to this, there will be a colour that stands out. In a modern interior this can be yellow or even bright red. Large furniture with clean lines will perfectly fit with this scheme. With accessories you need to be careful when it comes to a modern interior. In any case, never add too much of them. It really needs to be minimalistic. A number of large items such as a lamp, a large vase or an art piece are better than many small accessories put together. The nicer accessories may stand out of course.


Scandinavian interior design


This style has become immensely popular in recent years. In a Scandinavian interior you will see subdued and neutral colours. White, light blue and grey act a Scandinavian twist in a home. White floors and large Windows are important. There must be a lot of light entering the house to really create the Scandinavian atmosphere. Nature is important and therefore green plants and wooden furniture will do very well. Furniture pieces are functional, of a simple design and of high quality.


Country-style interiors


Country-style décor can be friendly and cosy. This style is very popular these days. There will be a lot of light, neutral colours. In addition, natural elements are very important. Wood, cane and wool will do very well in a country style interior.


Classic interior design 


A classic interior often breathes the atmosphere of luxury and elegance. The style is heavy in a certain way and there are a lot of dark colors. Ornaments such as garlands or rosettes fit perfectly with this way of style. As for the colours you see black, dark red, dark blue, purple and brown. When these colors are combined with gold, silver and bronze you will very quicly get a rich and luxurious look. Contact your homestylist of Interior Design Stirling for advice!


Cosy atmosphere in a country style



There is a reason that the country style has become so popular over the last few years. An interior in this style will soon feel cozy. With that relax at home in the evening after the pressure of the day with school, work and other obligations. It is often also uses soft materials and what can be nicer to sit down on than a soft plaid on the sofa? The country style is clearly recognisable to among other things:

    • Sober furniture

The legs of tables and chairs often have round shapes. The furnishings are pretty sober, but still functional and with a warm ambiance. This can be enhanced by the use of colour and/or by applying pillows and blankets. Often the furniture is fairly roughly finished. The sofas are nice and big and must also be comfortable and may be filled with a lot of smaller cushions and a nice plaid.

    • Fine accessories

Accessories play a pretty big role in a country-style interior. Because the colours of the walls, window frames, floor and ceiling are often neutral, there may well be an abundance with various accessories. It is also possible to vary regularly with candles, lampshades, cushions and poufs. Because of the basic neutral and calm style, a lot can be done when it comes to accessories. Wicker baskets, mirrors, beautiful tableware, candle holders, ceramic and porcelain really finisg of the interior.

    • Used material

The floor certainly plays an significant role in a country-style interior. Wide planks are very beautiful and preferably of untreated natural wood. In order to create extra warmth, a rug can be used. Soft fabrics such as wool, linen and cotton are ideal to use for furniture, cushions, bean bags and plaids. 

    • Also suitable for a limited budget

The great advantage of a country-house style is that you don’t require a large budget. Second hand furniture and accessories do definitely very well. If you are handy, you can find stuf at car boot sales and charity shops. That way you really create a style with a rural touch.