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Which Type of Wood is Most Commonly Used for Wood House Construction?



Wood is one of the most popular construction materials all over the world. Besides being sturdy and lightweight, it has impressive thermal attributes. Moreover, it is pretty affordable in comparison to other building materials.

There are various types of wood available nowadays, so it is important to know the best one for your home construction. The main categories of wood are Hardwood(leaf-bearing tree) and Softwood (cone-bearing tree).

Let us know more about the both!




Hardwood generally derives from deciduous trees, which means they lose their broad leaves annually. They produce nuts or fruits and are usually inactive in a cold climate. Also, they have heavy and dense structures as compared to softwoods.

Mainly you use hardwoods for building walls, floors, and ceilings. The most popular type of hardwoods are as follows:

·         Oak

The most widely used hardwood type is Oakwood. Further, it has two types: white and red. Oakwood has a unique finish and grain. It is good moisture-resistant, so you use it mostly for construction purposes.

·         Maple

Maple is a firm type of wood. It looks excellent and stains nicely because of its smooth grain patterns. You mainly use it to construct floors exceptionally, bright and creamy ones.

With time and exposure to oxygen, it tends to get dark. Moreover, it is eco-friendly as you usually harvest maple trees using sustainable methods.

·         Mahogany

Mahogany wood has a reddish-brown colour. It has a uniform pore structure that makes it strong. Moreover, it does not swell, warp, or shrink even underwater too. So, you mainly use it for construction purposes, especially in making window frames and sills.

·         Cherry

Cherry wood is reddishbrown in colour. Ioriginates with a straightgrained structure that creates random patterning.

·         Walnut

Usually, walnut wood has curls and waves. In addition, it has rich, dark tones created by a combination of creamy brown sapwood and rich dark heartwood. It originates with various grain patterns.

·         Teak

Teak is the king of hardwoods. It is durable and robust and has natural resiliency to humidity. In addition, it is good moisture resistant. So, it is the best choice for making window frames and doors.



Softwood originates from coniferous trees. They are evergreen trees as leaves do not fall till the growth of new ones. They usually grow fast and that too in cold regions. Softwoods are inexpensive in comparison to hardwoods.


You usually use them for making doors, furniture, or window frames in log cabin houses. The following are some most commonly used softwoods:


·         Pine

Pinewood is a cheap and readily available option. This type of pale wood ranges from yellow to red in looks. However, it is highly susceptible to denting and wear, especially in populated areas.

·         Hickory

Hickory Wood has an average weight of approximately 50 pounds per cubic foot. It is popular because of its breakage resistance. Therefore it is ideal for constructing floors and furniture. It is an excellent choice for construction in populated areas.

·         Beech

Beech is a hard and durable wood found mainly in its natural form. It comes in various warm, soft, and honey tones. You can create its unique red colour by treating it at high temperatures.

·         Ash

Ashwood is a light wood that offers distinctive luster once polished. Also, it has an open grain structure, and it is reasonably hard to wear. You can stain it stained to almost any color.

·         Birch

Birchwood is pretty affordable and widely available. It is related closely to oak, but it is much harder. You can use it to make cabinets, interior doors, or seating because of its stability and hardness.  

·         Cedar

Cedar is knotty lightweight softwood. It has a reddish-brown colour with lines slightly. It is pretty durable and uniform; therefore, you can use it in construction work. In addition, it has high resistance to insects and decay.



Though there are various wood types, you should decide the best one based on the nature of your construction. Each wood has unique characteristics that you should consider before opting for one