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CleanNA products and what is DNA?

CleanNA make products that will help analyse DNA. This article is writing to give insights in what DNA exactly is. CleanNa make products that help scientists analysing the DNA. Without information about the meaning of DNA it is hard to tell something about the company. So, if you want to learn more about the meaning of DNA and the company CleanNA read further.


Before I tell you something about the company I give some insights of the meaning of DNA. It is important to have some information about DNA before I can give you insights in what the company does. DNA or Desoxyribonucleïnezuur is a molecule where all the information about a person is in it. It is saved in the heart of every cell in the body. DNA looks like twisted stairs that turns around each other. In 1953 Watson and Crick found how those stairs turning. This was a huge discover. The information what is in the DNA turns out in protein which goes rights in the human body. This protein arranges a lot of thing in the body. A good example is giving oxygen to the human body. As you can see it is an import thing that the DNA gets analysed as much as possible to give answer to questions that make the human body stronger. In the next chapter I give some information about the company CleanNa.


This company make products that will help people analyse DNA. DNA is a small thing that is in cells of the human body. It can only be analysed when a specific type of chemicals is used. The company CleanNa sells the products that help analyse the DNA. So, the products that are made by the company are useful. Enough information about the company. When you are interested in the products you can call them for more information.